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To enlarge click on the magazine, double click triple click to make larger, Thumbnails on the side can be removed to view more of the magazine, or to go to other pages quickly, you can also scroll to make the image larger fold the image in half or view the image opened as a magazine would be. I suggest to view it one page at a time rather then both pages open because you can enlarge the photo more hat way.  links take you to the products to purchase, and there are videos inside the magazine as commercials etc. This is a full Beauty Magazine similar to Vogue, but the online version, there is a french version for men and women, as well as a Canadian version if you would like me to post them as well please let me know. As there are different items and each magazine for each country is different. 

Birchbox Christmas 2012 Holiday Gift Guide Digital Magazine


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Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, as well as detangling Therapy
I found these products on 135th st. Where I was staying with a friend durring the blackout of Manhattan after the storm, my lights went out, I had to scramble around for whatever I could find in the dark and stayed with two friends, finally made it back home last night, it was a total disaster area Hurricane sandy took the power out of millions of homes, and it has been horrrific, and I feel deeply sorry for all those that went through loosing their homes and, those who lost their lives etc. I found these products at Paragon store on 135 st and broadway. I also bought a brush there, I didnt think ahead of time, I have very long hair that gets tangled and knotted easily. And i knew I had trouble using the persons shampoo I was staying with for the first two days, it was very hard to brush my hair it was a nightmare actually, and lately i've had a lot of problems brushing my hair cause its gotten very long longer then ever. Its all the way down to my tail bone, however I keep having trouble brushing my hair because it gets tangled beig that its the longest its ever been, I do give credit to L'oreal and Biosilk as well, really seems to make my hair grow, but i have bought different detanglers, i even tried johnson and johnson detangler, and also Pantene, cause those were the only companies at the drug store that i could find in the detangler department.I went to the store for toothbrush etc. And I ended up finding the hair products section, and they had so many great  hair products I never heard of, these were my selections they were 8.99 each and i purchased a brush and some package of combs.

This is my review on these outstanding products
by the brand Aunt Jackie's


                           MOISTURIZING AND SOFTENING SHAMPOO:
 this is a "deep moisturizing detangling hair bath for chronically dry hair" all the products are sulfate free/paraben free/ no mineral oil/ no petrolatum (for natural curls & waves) Enriched with Shea Butter & olive oil. 
This product is an amazing moisturizing shampoo it works with the rest of the line, it doesnt matter if you have curly hair or straight hair in my opinion this is just a phenomenal A+++++ shampoo, it works up a lather so you do get that clean feeling from  it which sometimes shampoos lack, but this really moisturizes your hair and is like a shampoo/ conditioner in one It has a lovely smoothy like texture, its just a great everyday shampoo especially if your prone to getting tangles, and its even safe to use on children to its natural ingredients.


AUNT JACKIE'S KNOT ON MY WATCH INSTANT DETANGLING THERAPY This is quite simply a miracle product for people who have long hair, or curly hair thats gets tangled easily, this stuff is a miracle, it is made by an afrikan company for African hair, however it works for all hair types, however if you have oily hair, then you probably dont need this, but most of us no matter what we have some dry hair from the water, and long haired girls, we get tangles, and a lot of hair will end up on my brush after using these products no hair end up on my brush and i can comb through it amazingly. This really help brush my hair durring the hurricane after a shower, and I found it uptown on 135th st. where I was staying at a store named Paragon. 

This is an amazing conditioner WOW
So this conditioner goes with the shampoo, these products all have zero parabens, sulfate free, no mineral oil no petroleum. So these are natural products. With shea Butter, OPilive oil, and botanical extracts. 

These products are phenomenal, and the detangler i've been looking for a good detangler for a whiel and haven't been able to find, and i have been fighting with my hair for a while now to brush it after i wash it, and it is troublesome to see all the hair i loose from brushing it, however this stuff is a miracle, if nothing else the detangler, that stuff is amazing you don't have any knots or tangles in your hair after using these products I am in love with these products. 

I've used products claiming to have shea butter and similar in ingredients but they don't work like this product this product is amazing and a must have to have in your hair care arsenal. I would recommend this product 1,000% to anyone who needs a good detangler, and a general good overall conditioning shampoo and conditioner which can double as a mask, this stuff is amazing I am highly impressed. 
This is a miracle hair product, price is about 8.99 each product, not bad at all, probably people who do not live in new york can get this cheaper where you live or online, but this stuff is great nourishment, moisturizing and it actually gets rid of tangles, i've tried the johnsons and johnsons baby shampoo detangler that thing did not work at all, at all, and that was the super duper detangler, and i tried the pantene one, and that was even worse, now these aunt Jackie products, they work, they detangle your hair leave your hair silky and manageable, and really nourish the hair. Excellent product for those looking to grow your hair long, to manage long or curly or unruly kind of hair, dry hair, to bring back moisture balance, to help your hair grow, all of the above these are great and a great find. 

VERY HARD TO FIND A GOOD DETANGLER, BUT THIS SYSTEM IS GREAT AND ACTUALLY WORKS PHENOMENALLY!!!!!! THIS IS A SAVIOR FOR THOSE WHO HAVE HAIR THAT GETS EASILY TANGLED THERE ARE NOT A LOT OF DETANGLING PRODUCTS AND THIS IS ALL NATURAL NO PARABENS NO SULFATES SO ITS GOOD STUFF FOR YOUR HAIR, I THINK ANYONE COULD BENEFIT ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO HAVE COLOR TREATED HAIR, HEAT DAMAGED HAIR, CURLY HAIR, HAR THAT GETS TANGLED, LONG HAIR, EVEN THOSE WITH WEAVES OR WITH EXTENSIONS THIS WOULD REALLY HELP TO KEEP THOSE EXTENSIONS NICE AND TANGLE FREE, AND LOOKING MOISTURIZED AND SHINY, THESE PRODUCTS WORK FOR ANY KIND OF DRY DAMAGED BRITTLE HAIR, HAIR THATS BEEN HEAT STYLED AND DAMAGED OR EVEN FOR LONG HAIR GIRLS OR CURLY HAIR GIRLS THESE ARE GREAT TO DETANGLE YOUR TRESSES ITS AMAZING HOW A COMB WILL SLIDE THROUGH YOUR HAIR OR BRUSH WITHOUT PULLING ANY HAIR OUT OF YOUR HEAD ITS JUST THAT GOOD SO I JUST HAVE RAVE ABOUT THIS BECAUSE THIS WAS A PHENOMENAL FIND!!!!! THANK YOU AUNT JACKIE!!! (I will fix typos later, I just wanted to post something that I really love, because I know i am behind on a lot as a result of the hurricane tornado/ tsunami we experienced here in the tri-state area of New York City and surrounding locations, and I had no electricity for a while, and was staying with friends, and didn't get the chance to do what i needed to do, I am home now and back to work as usual. If you are interested in my reviewing any particular products please leave me a message or write a comment, I would love to hear from you, and any companies interested in working with me, please contact me if you would like. Please check my blog and all my posts. Please google friend connect if you appreciate my blog and work) thanks for your support!).

I will posting something to bring awareness to the storm, which has taken many lives, and has left many homeless, I think awareness should be brought to this issue since a lot of people are not getting help that they need. So I will be posting on that topic as well.  Even though this is a beauty blog, we do have a social responsibility to try to help people and right now everyone should be real appreciate for everything they have, because theres people out there hundreds of thousands who have NOTHING right now, and I really want really want to post something that brings attention to the devastation and where people can call to help. 

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     Great new innovative line of products from Redken has emerged! For women who either have naturally CURLY HAIR; or for women who want to keep their styled CURLS locked in and humidity free, from beachy waves, to tight ringlet curls, the memory lock system in this Curvaceous Redken Line, delivers the ability to lock in curls for up to 3 ays, and create more texture, volume, and aid in defrizzing your curls to leave your curls looking like you just left the salon everyday.....  Redken and Pureology has been coming out with some very innovative products recently, and cornering nearly every market. And there hasn't been such a great market out there for people with curly hair, or styling products this great for people who want to make their curls last and get more volume. Check out brand new CURVACEOUS LINE BY REDKEN

A Market that has been overlooked quite often in the past, those of us with curly hair myself included normally we want our hair straight and we use blow dryers with hair straighteners, to make our hair look naturally straight. So finally there is a line of very innovative products by redken that are for people with curly hair, and it accentuates and locks in the curl, so when styling your hair, or using a curling iron that curl will stay and be locked into that position. And it helps to create more frizz free easy to wear hair naturally curly as well. I will be reviewing this product, and doing my hair using these products and show some before and after photos. But in the meantime, I wanted to provide with the latest information about this line. And I do like this line of products, and the are 18.00 each and there are 7 products in the line. A shampoo, that is gentle but provides a lather i like that because I feel my hair is cleaner when I get a lather, a conditioner, Curl Drive a conditioning nourishing which is really good for us curly haired girls who use heat appliances etc, its a very nouritioning conditioner. Theres a wind up re-activating spray to reactivate your curls it also seems to have a softening feel to it, Full swirl which has a very similar look inside as some of the OLAY products for the skin a swirl inside that appears to look like a double helix or dna strand, this product called FULL swirl is a phenomenal product, it controls frizz, it acts as to stop humidity from ruining your hair look, Its a cream serum, and it also has conditioning and moisturizing properties. Ringlet Protective lotion, Its a curl defining lotion for frizz free curls that gives volume and prepares your hair to take on any particular shape after using the curling iron, so for you straight haired ladies out there this product will help you to achieve the curls that you are looking to have, a lot of people have trouble keeping their curls throughout the day especially from styling, they usually go flat, in this scenario the curls do not go flat, it locks the curls in once you've curled your hair. This product also defines curls for up to 3 Days, so it keeps your curls going!!!! Thats why I think these products are really brilliant and innovative. Also styling product in this line called Wave Ahead; its a texturizing mouse its a lightweight formula which I prefer, cause I don't like the feel of sticking hair or hard hair from hair spray, this product will give curl enhancement, especially if using this product on wet hair and using a diffuser. That cuts down on styling time as well, and Ive been letting my hair grow like rapunzel lately. Now if this works out really well, as the shampoo conditioner, mask and full swirl do, then I would definitely wear my hair with big bouncy curls like Gisele Bundchen  Oh I love her hair color, how do i get that hair color.... ? Can anybody tell me where to get a Giselle Bundchen hair color and cut. Well she could put on a plastic bag and look good, I mean shes so beautiful, she doesnt even need hair. I have to go back to hair modeling and hope one of these days they can give me the gisele Bundchen hair cut and color. 
So If you have curly hair already, this product will make your curls look better and frizz free which leaves your hair looking naturally curly with a nice shine to it, not wighed down or anything, shampoo and conditioner I love, and I used the mask also and its great also, and I feel these products do enhance and define your natural curls but I think they also work well with styling tools also to extend the wear of your curls...  then usually, and you do not have to spend so much time styling your hair, its a really product for people who are on the go, and they cant stand styling their hair, who have curly hair beause this makes the curls more defined gets rid of the humidity factor which is something that stops us from wearing our hair down in humid situations, also this product is great to use in conjunction with my personal favorite tool for curls, my infinity con air curling wand. I Love that thing, and together with these products they really make your curls last a long time, you dont need to invest in a 150-300$ on a special curling iron or straightening iron to curl your hair, if you have a set of products that will keep your curls bouncy and going throughout the day you don't even need an expensive set of hair tools what you have this product. Theres also more time in the day to use this product cause it makes things go faster, and you are ready to go sooner then if you had to blow dry your entire head of hair and go through all of the straightening  these products are focused on retexturing your curls remembering your styled hair when you have curled your hair, and retains that curl, which is pretty awesome!!!! The key here is the formula has a memory lock complex and the conditioning mask and conditioner both have a lot nutrients in them for the hair, and great overall products in the 18.00-19.00 usd range for each product, and you can probably a set of these products together at some salons they carry promotions so check your local stores these are rather new to the market, so I don't know and I haven't seen hit the drugstores or salons yet. But i have seen them for sale on the website. You can check online to see if they have these products in a store near you. 
More to come... and photos of my own hair styled and review of each product and nutritive ingredients in each. This is the first draft so I will go over this later, thats what I normally do and add things that I may have forgotten or I will reread my post and realize i repeated myself or wrote too much, so then I have re-vamp what i've posted. 
I was not going to post this until I had a full review, however I will update the page with my hair style and how it looks when i have done it without the product and then with the product and see how long it holds up, or i could always do one side of the head, we will see. But I'll come up with a cool idea and some hair styles, ive already looked up what hair styles I want to try out styling my hair in to see how it looks but i have noticed more curls then prior to using this product, I usually like my hair straight but this product helps me enjoy my hair curly and no one really makes anything for curly haired girls, its always for straight hair and i like straight hair and how it looks on me but I would also like my hair to look good curly and thats what this product does so you dont have to go through all the trouble of straightening every day or every other day, its a lot of work so this makes the job easier so you can be happy with your natural Given hair, also I  like a big cul like kim kardashian style hair. So i'm going to work on these products for styling, ive used already most of the products without styling, but I will be styling using these products and show how everything turns out and how long it seems to last for me. 

I love doing these experiments also to find multi uses for a product. So i may come back having found multiple uses for these products. SO COME BACK SOON SO YOU CAN SEE WHAT HAIR STYLES I'VE BEEN ABLE TO CREATE WITH MY CON AIR AND 1/2 inch barrel curling iron, I think it might be revlon and close to two inches, and I have the conair infiniti curling wand as well, so I will trying many different methods. And I look forward to working on my own hair, even though i have been a hair model at bumble and bumble salon and aveda institute its good when you can do your own hair yourself. This will also be a big test of the con air infinity wand cause this will be an enjoyable test. With styling my hair with these products and bringing my con air curling wand into the picture, lets see how long the curls last. So its going to be fun to create big waves, and just different styles for my viewers to see.
By the way there is forum a brand new one that I created for this blog, and there are comments down below and share buttons and i would really like those of you who like to take photos from my site to please go and make comments and start up conversations with one another on beauty products. 

Each product will be reviewed separately  and I will include hairstyles that this product in conjunction with blow dryer techniques and or flat iron, curling iron techniques will work very well with this product. 


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L'oreal Paris True Match Super Blendable Blush All Swatched; Dupes

L'oreal True Match Super Bendable Blush Swatches All plus Dupes

Montage créé avec bloggif

LEFT TO RIGHT; Barely Blushing, Tender Rose, Innocent Flush, Baby Blossom Precious Peach

From extreme left, to right; Spiced Plum, Sweet Ginger, Subtle Sable, Apricot Kiss, Rosey Outlook, Barely Blushing, Tender Rose, Innocent Flush Baby Blossom

Without FLash

Innocent Flush Dupe for Shiseido Maquielage cheek Color RD31

The dupes go as followed:
Mac sunbasque dupe is Subtle Sable
Benefit Dandelion dupe is Baby Blossom
There is a mac dupe for the plum shade, but right now i forget the name I will check it out later. 
Innocent Flush is a dupe comparable to Nars ORG as well as Shiseido Maquillage cheek color RD312

These are the swatches of almost all of the L'oreal True Match Super Blendable Blush collection (USA VERSION),
These are very blendable blushes and go on very nice and smooth with a more of a matte finish, or velvety soft finish, these are not very powdery or shimmery though it appears in certain photos to be the case, actually these blushes just have a nice natural skin tone finish, and not glittery as it may appear in some photos, it has a matte- satin-velvety finish if that makes any sense. These are some of my favorite everyday blushes, they are just really easy to work with, and makes application of blush a breez you can layer it, you can use one of the colors as a contour and one as the main cheek color, they are very blendable and you can definitely build the color up, they last a long time, I haven't hit pan on any of these since ive had them and i've had them a long time, these are beautiful colors and a lot of dupes in this collection. The photos without the flash are the most accurate photos in terms of what these colors look like in real life, I would assume you could find a lot of dupes to many  different brands using this particular collection there is something for everyone, and these are definitely great colors for any time of year, and are pretty natural looking colors, and they smooth on and blend easily, very wearable colors, feels very soft and weightless on your skin.. 
There are some other dupes I will list later. 
Subtle Sable and Barely blushing can be used as a contour color for lighter skin Tones, or a blush,  These are really beautiful wearable colors, most people can use any of these shades no matter what your skin tone is, they do appear to have a shimmer on camera but they really have just a silky sheen and look pretty matte on the skin. There are also some really great blush colors in this collection that are great year round and go with everything. I love the formula it feels really soft and velvety, I like the L'oreal Bare Naturale mineral glow blushes and the L'oreal Bare natural blushes also, I just wish they would make more colors. I do know europe has a different kind of these blushes in different shades, i wish they would sell them here, same with how I wish they sold Bourjois here in America. I would like to get the european true match blush and see what the differences are to those. 

I have had these photos from my old camera, that I never put up, So i figured I might as well, I do really love these blushes, they run about $10.00 usd, they are long lasting, really good blushes, they don't irritate my skin and look very natural, and are easy to apply, and for a drugstore blush this is more like department store blush in a drugstore packaging, which is again why I like L'oreal products, they have always made quality products at the drugstore price, they have higher end lines, and then they make lower end lines as well which are somewhat similar so this way everyone can afford to purchase a good item. I do wish they would add more blushes to this collection, I do think there is a lack of drugstore blushes, for me I use Innocent flush, and baby blossom, as precious peach and tender rose. Tender rose and innocent flush I have used quite frequently but it still hasn't hit pan and i have these for a long time.


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18 different Eye-deas from the runway, Cool designer eye 

looks to experiment with straight off the runway. 

I would love see or do a tutorial on all these looks or on real eyes, thats a good idea all the designers names are under the eyes that they used on the runway... I think this is such a cool idea... 
( Designers, who used the look of the eyes belowPaul & Joe, Gaspard Yurkeivich, Jil sander, Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, Erdem, Folder & Folder, DKNY, D&G, GEORGIO ARMANI, Y-3, MUGLER, MOSCHINO, Gianfranco Ferre, Costume National, Louis Vuitton, Stella McCartney, Manish Arora)
Source: via Mari on Pinterest

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This is a brand new product from a Swiss Brand, Swiss formulated and Swiss Made, a Swiss Brand 80 years of wellness...
Two of the Main ingredients featured in all of the Swiss Just Vital Just Line of products are Melissa and Edelweiss
Melissa extract is obtained by direct extraction of Melissa officinalis leaf into virgin olive oil, Melissa oil or Lemon Balm oil is traditionally used as a cleansing and nourishing skin treatment, as a result of its proprietary cold extraction , technology Melissa oil retains green color and an attractive lemon balm aroma, Traditional medicine recognizes two major actions of Melissa extract, it is a anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, it is also used to combat skin virus infections in some countries  It fights free radicals, and actually is also a great medicine for acne as well as being an anti inflammatory. Edelweiss is an organic, high-purity extract from the swiss alpine flower Edelweiss, it contains very high radical scavenging activity and is a  antioxidant product. Anti-Oxidant activity make this twice as potent as vitamin c, its got very potent anti-inflammatory action, rejuvenating properties, and has anti-wrinkle, and anti- free radical eliminating damage to the skin. Perfects and protects the skin. And these are not the only ingredients in these products, the fast and deep absorption rate of the liposome technology and the hyaluronic acid in the anti aging products, along with other herbal extracts that are very beneficial for the skin, this is what makes the Swiss Just Vital Just anti aging, perfecting skin care line, innovative and special.
The Vital Just Cleansing Gel, is a phenomenal Gel it even removes makeup, it removed makeup without being overly drying, and without leaving a feeling of dry tight skin, it is moisturising and nutrient rich, yet does not leave an oily feeling to the skin, it leaves the skin feeling like velvet. Using this product is like washing your face with silk, because that is the way your skin is left feeling afterwards. I was very impressed with this particular cleanser because most cleansers they either are creamy and leave a residue if they are considered moisturizing, and some cleansers leave a very tight and dry feeling after washing your face, and this one though it deep cleans and gets rid of makeup even, it does not have a drying feeling, or a feeling of residue left behind as other moisturizing cleansers do. This cleanser is good for all skin types, oily, dry, combination, this cleanser could definitely be used on all skin types without any breakouts or anything of that nature, the ingredients are all natural and the Vital Just products are a swiss brand, and these are swiss products. It's well known that Swiss timepieces and swiss chocolate are the best time pieces and chocolates, well the Swiss are good at more then just chocolate and time pieces, they are also very good at making exceptionally high quality products and using high quality ingredients. This can also be used with the Clarisonic skin Cleansing system device, or the Olay Pro X Advanced Cleansing system, I would recommend this product with any of these devices that are buffing the skin, this product as well as the exfoliant cream would work well with these skin cleansing devices. I use my Vital Just Gel Cleanser with a Cleansing device and I find it works very well together, and doesn't dry out my skin or leave my skin feeling oily or tight and constricted and dry, it also works well with the Vital Just exfoliator which is also a great product itself and also with any skin cleansing devices on the market. 

The Vital Just Exfoliant Cream, says to use once a week, I use it every other day. This exfoliator refines the skin and gets rid of dead skin cells which is necessary for smooth skin, to give a refined, and renewed, skin texture and this product does exfoliate and causes a high cell turnover rate. I have used a lot of exfoliators, and this particular product is made with very fine Bamboo micro granules, in a coconut based cleansing element, this product is really great for people with sensitive skin, or of all skin types, because its gentle. its all natural a formula and the formula works well to get rid of dead skin cells to create a higher skin cell turnover rate which many formulas use aluminum oxides in their exfoliators, which is very popular now, however its not particularly safe, or gentle, many exfoliators have large chunks and rubbing your skin with those exfoliators is actually damaging your skin, however with this product you are not damaging your skin, you are getting a completely natural product that has finely milled grains of not aluminum or plastic grains, but bamboo, and in a coconut cleansing base which is extremely moisturizing its a fantastic product because exfoliators are usually not moisturizing or concerned with the moisture balance of the skin, and this product is has a moisturizing emollient to it, while also cleansing and refining the skin, even if you have dry, oily, sensitive or combination skin you will not experience a feeling of oily residue left behind, or a feeling of tightness and dryness, and it is gentle enough for sensitive skin, and combination skin types, while doing its job as an excellent exfoliator so that it removes dead cells to allow for new cell turnover. All of the Swiss Just Vital Just skin care line have  a harmonizing moisture balance, and penetrate deeply within the skin using liposome technology, so you are experiencing a product that combines both nature with science to bring about results,  Swissjust Vital Just exfoliator is a perfect balance exfoliator for all skin types. . Your face is left smoother, healthier and more radiant, results can be seen within a few days,  it doesn't cause your skin to be red from rubbing against the skin because the particles in most exfoliators on the market that I have used do cause a lot of redness on my skin afterwards this product leaves your skin feeling soft and supple, This can be used in perfect combination with the Clarisonic skin smoothing device, and also with the Olay Professional Pro X Advanced Cleansing system either device would work well with this product, and the swiss cleanser, and with more effectiveness, because its not harsh on your skin. When you are polishing your skin with the OLAY PRO X device, or the Clarisonic, the Olay device comes with an exfoliator that exfoliator is rough on the skin, you're better off using this product that is not rough on the skin, and leaves the skin feeling velvety soft and smooth, rather then products that may irritate the skin, this product is all natural, and formulated in a non abrasive way. Infact all of the products in the Vital Just line Swiss Just skin care products leaves the skin with a very velvety soft and supple texture, and this exfoliator does the job without irritating the skin, and without any harsh chemicals. It leaves the skin feeling soft and supple. This is in great combination, like going to the spa to use the Vital Just Gel cleanser and Exfoliator alone, or in combination with your skin cleansing device, it works very well and is like a spa experience. In combination with the rest of the Vital Just Line by Swiss Just you can expect to see within 4 weeks, a reduction in wrinkles, and improved elasticity as well as healthier and more refined look to the skin as the skins moisture balance is renewed. 
The Vital Just Mask is an amazing and refreshing mask that improves the skins texture, has a lot of nutrients and a special formula that penetrates deep into many layers of the skin with a liposome technology that delivers the vitamins deep into the skin, its a very unique formula for a masque to include vitamins and nutrients of this nature, and the suggested directions state to keep this mask on for 20 minutes, I think is a great mask again it leaves the skin feeling soft and supple, using this together with the Vital Just Cleanser and the Vital Just Exfoliator even if you do this once a week or twice a week, for me I like to use it twice a week, and I feel it gives my skin a renewed appearance which is noticeable immediately after using, and after 4 weeks tests show 29% wrinkle reduction and improvement in the skin moisture levels, and I have already noticed improvement in my skin, this also helps to make the pores less noticeable and get rid of large pores which can be a problem for most people, so this mask is great for using before applying makeup, its great to use once or twice a week to rejuvenate the skin, and balance the skins moisture levels. These are all natural products, and this mask is just wonderful to use together with the other products, again it leaves a velvety and supple silky feeling to the skin after taking this mask off, this mask is not drying, and is great for people with sensitive skin, or all skin types because its nutrient rich and has a liposome delivery system as all the products in the Vital just skincare line does, to deliver potent blend of natural ingredients nutrient rich into the skin through a liposome delivery system that goes deep within the skin. 
Vital Just Regenerating Serum, This product is said to enhance the effects of the day and night creams, and after I cleanse, and exfoliate or use the vital just mask I will apply this product on my face at night prior to the vital just Night cream and I will wake up in the morning with my skin feeling and looking so fresh, and renewed vibrancy  I love this product as with all of these products in the Vital Just Skin care line, it just makes your skin feel like velvet, or like silk, this product has a feeling of gliding on silk its such a phenomenal texture to it, and it gives the skin a healthy glow and radiance naturally and over time you do see a decrease in lines, wrinkles and the liposome technology that restores moisture levels through many layers of skin, it delivers the nutrients in these all natural products deep within the skin, which other products do not do, plus this is an all natural Swiss formulated, Swiss made product. And i do believe Swiss products are very well made, just like French Products, as well as Italian products, very high quality natural ingredients, and phenomenal products. I have used many serums and I really find this to be a fantastic serum that activates the day or night cream, alll of the products in this line work together very well, and we are exposed to free radicals, sun damage, and all kinds of weather conditions, and these products are 100% green, and natural products, and they work to eliminate the free radicals, and sun damage, as well as wrinkles, and restore the natural moisture balance to the skin, and bring nutrients deep into the skin, which creates healthy cells and healthy cell turnover. That makes these products work so well. I also use this product in the daytime, with the day cream, and it makes my face seem to need less makeup, i usually dont need to use much makeup after using these products, because my skin looks so much more clear and refined. That is my experience with this product. 

I don't know about you, but I do get a lot of under eye puffiness  and was blessed with dark under eye circles, and am already seeing fine lines around my eyes, so I have tried many products and only one I knew of that took care of the dark circles, but not one that takes care of that contouring, firming, and lifting and getting rid of the puffiness  and lines and the lines show up more when you put makeup on, however, with this amazing product, and this is a you get what you pay for must have product it is 75 USD which is the highest priced item of all of the items in the Swiss Just Vital Just Line but this product really works in getting rid of the puffiness  and the dark circles as well as the look of lines under your makeup or without any makeup, this product as well as all the rest in this line contains the liposomes that penetrate deeply into the skin. This product firms the area under the eyes, reduces the look of fine lines and tested it has shown to reduce wrinkles by 29% after only 4 weeks of use. I do agree that this product really works in that manner, and is a great under eye contour and it does make your skin have that velvety soft luminescence quality, all of the products in this line make your skin feel very soft and supple. Thats what I like about these products is that they actually work, they are innovative using melissa extract and edelweiss extract vitamins, hyaluronic acid and liposome technology that delivers the products deeply within the skin to bring about healthier moisturized cells from the inside out. These products work by penetrating deep within the skin and absorbing the vitamins and nutrients. Thats what makes this line so special. While other products lay on top of the skin and do not absorb into the skin, which is a similar thing in terms of the quality of  vitamins that we take into our system, with vitamins there are capsules, caplets, tablets (least absorbable) and liquid formulas (highest absorption rate in the body), and the liquid or gel caps absorb better in the body this makes sense and is also true for skin products and that same idea is behind the Vital Just Skin Care line by Swiss Just a Swiss formulated, and Swiss made brand. The Vital Just Line absorbs deep within the skin, so your skin gets all the nutrients it needs, and the moisture level is restored to create healthy cell renewal, and this revitalizes, perfects, protects and create a balanced moisture level deep within the skin and that absorption rate is very important when thinking about skin care. This is an exciting line of Innovative products that has a technology where the skin product is reaching and absorbing deep within many layers of the skin and delivering potent blend of nutrients, and is all natural, thats what I love about these products is that they realize and are innovative in the sense that other companies may use ingredients that are natural also, but they don't have the same absorption rate and do not penetrate the skin through many layers in the way that the Swiss Just Vital Just skin care line does. Usually most skincare just lays on the surface of the skin.... These products penetrate deeply into many layers of the skin so that you can achieve the best results from the nutrients and ingredients that are in these products which are completely natural vitamins and nutrients. These products reverses the signs of aging, and skin damage.
The Vital Just day cream offers 12 full hours of protection against environmental damage and prevents the appearance of premature aging. The day cream is an anti wrinkle cream and works as with all the Vital Just products to deliver the nutrients in the product deep within the skin. It penetrates through layers of the skin through the liposome technology and delivers high quality natural ingredients. The Melissa extract and Edelweiss extracts as well as hyaluronic acid, which is used in the dermatologists office as a filler, called juvederm, there are hyaluronic acid products on the market today, that contain also vitamins and other ingredients that is good for the skink, the difference between those creams and this one is that this one has a liposome delivery system that gives maximum absorption to the deepest layers of the skin, in order to improve the skins hydration and moisture loss deep within the skin. And that helps to deliver the wonderful ingredients also into the skin, and this causes the skin to delay the process of aging and get rid of damage from free radical exposure, as well as keeping moisture levels balanced also helps the skin to retain moisture loss, that causes a lot of signs of aging, once the skin is replenished with moisture from deep within, and absorbs the natural nutrients in this product that allows for the skin to repair itself, and i love this product underneath makeup, during the day, it also seems to work well as a primer, this is a very luxurious cream and makes your skin also feel like velvet, and very silky smooth. I love this product because it really works, and its all natural and paraben free all the products in this line are natural and paraben free, and contain very well thought out formulations and ingredients of superior quality. These products are good for all skin types, and even though they are moisturizing, even someone like me with oily skin or combination skin can use this product and not feel like i have a lot of oil all over my face. Which is something I love. I have noticed in the period of time that i have been using this product religiously that my skin does look healthier, and I have been given compliments about my skin as well. So this particular line of products its like your own spa at home having a spa like experience or spa facial when using these products. 
The Vital Just restoring night cream, this product is similar to the day cream, very nice texture, leaves skin feeling overall like silk, and very supple. The formula is all natural, and has liposomes technology like all the products in this line that has a delivery system that absorbs the all natural ingredients deep within  many layers of the skin, and this liposome technology does restore the moisture balance of the skin from deep within, and as with other creams they just sit on top of the skin, this product all of the nutrients in this product goes penetrates deep within the skin, and revitalizes cells that are underneath the skin, provides absolute moisture balance, counteracts wrinkles, is a great moisturizer without feeling too heavy or greasy on the skin. All natural Paraben free. Product Formulated and Swiss made product. I love to use this cream after using the Vital Just Gel Cleanser, and then he exfoliator, the eye contour, and the revitalizing serum, and then I will add this to my skincare routine at night, and when I wake up I notice a big difference in the clarity, tone, and overall appearance of my skin. I love natural products and supporting natural brands, especially when it comes to skin care, you want to support a company that actually is naturally formulated and good for the environment. And Swiss Just has amazing products and this is their new anti aging product line, but can be used by all skin types, even those with oily skin do not need to worry about that feeling of having greasy products on your skin, your skin will not be greasy or beak out from any of these products. These products are the top the line products, and could be easily compared to or even better then the highest end products out on the market. The Swiss Just Vital Just system uses advanced technology to absorb the nutrients into the skin, and all of the products in this line do what they say, and really work to create a moisture balanced, toned, refined, rejuvenated and clarified looking and feeling skin. These are amazing products. And I absolutely love every single product in this line. And I look forwards to trying more products in the Swissjust line. This is a great product to use after using the Vital Just cleanser and if you have the clarisonic or Olay Pro X devices, after using the exfoliator and gel cleanser, serum and then this moisturizer its like having an at home spa experience or facial, these products can be used by any skin type and of all ages. Its very important to start using products that are all natural, and that do prevent wrinkles and damage from free radicals in the air, and these product nourish deep into the skin penetrating many layers so its like an at home facial rejuvenating set. That can be used with other devices. And you do notice a difference in your skins texture, resilience, elasticity, and smooth soft and supple skin that has a velvety soft, silky feel to it. And every morning I wake up after using this particular product I feel my skin has been restored overnight, it does not take a long time to notice the benefits of these products. 

 The Swiss Just New Vital Just Line  comes in a beautiful gift set if you purchase the entire set, it is absolutely beautiful the way that they package it, its like opening up your facial spa in a this line of products it will make you feel like you've been to a spa treatment, and its just a fabulous set of skin care products that is from a trusted Swiss Brand that has lasted 80 years based on wellness, where nature and science become one. This entire set of Vital Just products entire makes a lovely gift for yourself or a loved one. Or you can buy products separately. Swiss Just also makes aromatherapy oils that are cold pressed and 100% pure oils. Swiss Just also makes a variety of wellness/ well being products as well...  Be sure to check out the Youtube videos and the magazines for the Swiss Just Vital Just Line, and the catalogue for Swissjust products, If you are interested in purchasing the New Vital Just skin care line, you can order these wellness and luxurious skin care products and more from the Swiss Just 
                                               Swiss Just is currently seeking consultants!
                                    If you have any interest in becoming a Swiss Just Consultant,
                                               The Contact Information is below.... 

If you are interested in becoming a consultant for this amazing brand, or ordering from Swiss Just the contact information is below. Swiss Just is very interested in finding consultants in the North American Region and their youtube videos I will also add. 
Swiss Just USA
8308 NW 30 Ter Doral, FL 33122
Additional information 

Website (English):
Facebook (English):
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Vital Just YouTube videos:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012



If you liked the Magazine BEAUTY THE GUIDE FALL ISSUE, you will love the October Issue, featuring fashion, couture, advertising with video, new products that you can click on a link and go to with ease, you can get rid of the thumbnails to have more viewing space, and then a slider where you can zoom in and out move the image around to see various parts of it, this is a full virtual reality Beauty and fashion magazine, and even the audio you can hear the fliping of the pages as you go to the next page. Enjoy...

(I appologize that this past week there have been no reviews or posts by me, because I was battling a terrible flu for 10 days and was pretty much useless, and unable to work on anything but I have some really great reviews on an amazing line of Swiss made anti aging natural ingredients skin care line of products, and that will be available soon ). Web developers please contact me im interested in working with a web developer on multiple projects.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

3D Lips HOW TO: NEW TREND SPOTTED and new two lipsticks in one by Covergirl and NYC duets duo color lipsticks

3D LIPS; FALL TREND FROM THE RUNWAY TO THE STREETS  3D LIPS with lipstick, and shimmer eye shadow, and other methods, used in between the lips, or a shimmery shade lipstick/ Lip gloss, can use2 lipsticks or the Covergirl Duo Lipsticks with two colors on both sides, and the NYC DUO Lipsticks with two lipstick shades in one lipstick tube. For a 3 dimensional look.


Covergirl Blast Flipstick, Double end lipsticks, use either color, or use both colors layered, or use the darker shade all over and the lighter shimmery shade in between the lips  

NYC City Duet 2 N 1 Lip Color, this is very interesting, and its a nice lipstick without a scent, and feels smooth on your lips, one side is a lighter side and if you use it a certain way it can apear as though you put lipliner on, in a nice flatering way, you can also use one side for one color, or both sides to create a second color, or you can use the darker shade all over the lip and in the center use the lighter shade for that 3D fall lip bringing demension to the lips is a good way towards making them look fuller, at sephora makeup artists were speaking of using shimmery eye shadow in the middle of the lips to create this 3 demensional effect. 

This is just a gorgeous set of lipsticks by Christian Dior had to add this, Wish I had al of these to swatch for you.
Sort of like I wish I had every single NARS BLUSH and have contemplated buying them all wholesale... but that is no easy task, I even have a good commercial for them and song I want to use. Oh well. These Dior lipsticks the colors look so gorgeous.

Please check out my pinterest lip board, where the lip colors and swatches are located.
Would you wear the new 3D look for fall, or whats your favorite lipstick? 

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Goss Makeup Artist: 10 ways to update your makeup, How to Get perfect Eyebrows, and the 10 most beautiful woman, and tips on highlighting and contouring tips etc....

This is one of my favorite Makeup Artists on YouTube, and Im subscribed to his channel so I receive updates, so I found some really great tips, hes not long winded, he does a really great job at explaining things breifly, where a lot of youtube personalities just talk a lot prior to getting to the actual review, or point of the video. And hes from London, hes got a great accent, and very easy to listen to, and great beauty advice. 

So I thought I would introduce his videos to you, some of them are new. And he doesnt mind my posting his videos. 

I also posted prior to this post his video on Kim Kardashian's highlight and countour how to.... which was awesome. I use that that technique now. 



HOW TO GET THE PERFECT EYEBROWS (Tips and Tricks from a professional 
Makeup artist Goss Makeup Artist)



This is a product I have been using over a year now, and I keep re-purchasing it because it works. Nivea by the way also is the owner of a French Luxury company called La-Prarie, and their products are good quality.

However I had tried everything to get rid of dark circles nothing besides this product worked for me. Sometimes, I do not get enough sleep, some of us are just prone to dark circles, and i must be one of them. So one day i saw in the Nivea for Men gel eye roller in the section of the drugstore for men, and this thing was so amazing I have been using it ever since, the formula includes CoQ10, and CoQ10 is good for the heart as a vitamin by itself, however, on the skin it is very good for dark circles, dark circles are like broken capillaries underneath the eyes, and when you use this particular roller, it gets rid of the dark circles by the time it dries, so every morning I use this its amazing. And it gets rid of the puffiness the under eye area and the dark circles. This is one of my #1 secrets I have. It doesn't matter that its a product for MEN, it works great for men or women and worth checking out for only $10 USD at any drugstore near you in the Isle for men, its fabulous and this is great for women or men no scent to it. It also has a metal rolling ball, I don't know if the metal rolling ball activates the product or what, but the product works amazingly and it lasts a long time.

I have tried other coQ10 creams and no product seems to work as good as this one, so it must be the formula but its great and a must have.

I truly recommend and give 10 stars to this product. It is a true miracle when it comes to removing dark circles or under eye puffiness, which we all have... everyone can use this product, I consider it a unisex product and I think they should have marketed it that way... however who cares that it sais men on it, it works for women too, and you cant get a better price then $10 and the product lasts a super LONG TIME. 

Friday, September 7, 2012


Comes with Orgasm Blush, a golden highlight color as well as two other  matte blushes, one looks very much like Nars Desire/ Gaety, the other looks somewhat like Nars Gina but they are not colors that are available in a separate regular sized blush so these are two new colors, that are not  in the Nars blush collection but are similar to the above stated Nars Blushes, at least IMO, The other one looks somewhat similar to Gina. I think this is beautiful pallette, and its $50 at or of course you can get it from Nars as well;
 New Nars Andy Warhol Collection coming soon;
Submit your email addresses for information when the Warhol line comes out, so you will be the first to know!!!!! I cant wait for the warhol collection

Update: apparently the Foreplay palette is more than it seems, it includes Nars Orgasm the most famous blush of the line, and the colors that are used to make Nars orgasm blush, so the other 3 shades mixed together actually make the color that is a cult classic; Nars Orgasm blush. The Gold shade, combined with the other two blush shades all come together to make orgasm, so thats what the foreplay palette is all about. I have noticed that some reviewers they figure since they already have the Orgasm blush, that this Palette is not necessary  or some collectors feel it is a great palette. Basically what you can do with this palette is add any of the three colors to make your own version or orgasm blush either more gold toned, more pink with bluish undertones, or more peachy. The gold color can be used as a highlight shade, the two other blush shades alone or to make your orgasm blush into a more pink shade or a more salmon peachy shade, I did see some videos where some people wore the salmon shade more on their cheeks or pink shade to accentuate the cheeks, and then used the salmon shade as a contour or the pink shade interchangeably on different parts of the cheek and over orgasm blush to achieve a 3 dimensional cheek and then used the gold shade as a highlight, and you can basically mix and match your own orgasm shade with using these 3 colors that go together because they create together the orgasm blush. 

The two blush shades besides orgasm, both of those blushes are not in the nars line, I think they should be because I do like them on their own, and they can be used on their own, and they are very pretty colors, they are only in this limited edition palette, and all colors mixed together are in the orgasm blush. This is actually a pretty cool palette for this reason, and I do like this palette a lot more because of knowing that. I myself thought about returning it, but I like the other two blush shades and for me any Nars blush lasts forever.

Nars Foreplay Palette 

So basically now we know the formula of nars Orgasm, Its the 3 colors in this palette besides Orgasm that mixed together Makes Nars Orgasm. And you can mix and match to make your own version of Nars orgasm either more pink, more shimmery, more peachy, and all of these colors we already know go together since they make up what is nars orgasm, so they can be used with nars orgasm. I thnk you can even just mix some of these colors together put on your lips and add some chapstick or gloss and make a nice lip color. I do really like the other two colors and I wish they would make them permanent and add them to the line.

Nars foreplay pallette Orgasm and pink mixed together, and NARS Senorita lipstick with lip gloss in the middle
under eye circles covered great and used as a highlighter L'oreal Paris L'oreal Magic Lumi Concealer (works great under the eyes and as a highlighter).  For Smokey eyes I used a navy blue liner, and a Maybeline quad in stylish smokes, and for eyelashes I used a Rilastil Mascara in Black which i cant find where i put it..... It looked pretty good and natural and volumizing. I could have done a better job but i was in such a rush. 

A lot of people have been stating that they do not know whether to purchase this palette or not, for Nars lovers, its a great palette to purchase since its limited edition, and even if you have Orgasm Blush, if you are familiar with NARS blushes, they last a really long time because they are super pigmented, so even if these 3 other shades are smaller then a full sized NARS blush, they will still last a long time, and the two blush colors are not blushes that NARS carries though they look similar, and its nice to have in your bag a palette that you can just touch up your makeup or take with you with different shades of colors, and a highlight color, you could even mix one of these colors with a bit of chap-stick or clear lip gloss and make a quick lipstick out of it. Its great for on the go, and also the gold highlight color could even be used as an eye-shadow all over the lid, and you can do all of this with one palette rather then carrying a ton of makeup in a makeup bag with you wherever you go. I think its definitely worth it, especially if you love NARS. I have not hit pan on any of my nars blushes yet, and ive had them a long time, so they last a really long time. And the quality of the product stays on your skin for a long time, Its a great palette pretty colors, and its also a great gift as well, its a great way to introduce someone to NARS who has never purchased their products. Its a great palette its compact, its easy to use, its really pigmented, and these can be mixed and matched and even used for an entire look if your in a hurry and on the go, or if your traveling, its a really nice palette to have.

What do you think of this palette?
What are your favorite must have Nars Blushes besides Orgasm? 
Who else is planning to get this palette or do you think its better to get two full size blushes instead? and if so what blushes would you recommend as your absolute favorites?
How can I con you into a discussion thread lol...